This Is Raynes Park Uncovered - S1:E1

By K L
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Watch all the Bunch of Amateurs videos on their YouTube channel: It's a new beginning for Bunch of Amateurs as we take on a brand new club - Raynes Park Vale, a South London-based, Step 4 team managed by Josh Gallagher, brother of Dorking Wanderers star Dan, twin brother of former Wanderer (and RPV player) Jake, and elder brother of Chelsea captain Conor. Having just gotten the Vale promoted into the Isthmian South Central division, Josh is aiming to take the club to even greater heights. And with a truly mad group of players fighting for success, we wouldn't bet against any of them... Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on TikTok: Bunch of Amateurs is an MSF Production. All footage and intellectual property is copyright of MSF Productions. If you wish to use or reference the footage from Bunch of Amateurs, or if you would like to get in touch with the Bunch of Amateurs team, email Season 1 Episode 1 - Credits: Director: Jack Richmond Editor: Jack Richmond, Rich Phippen Narrator: Rich Phippen Camera Ops: Jack Richmond, Greg Haines, Rich Phippen Runner: Ben Bowness, Toby Cole, Chloe Boyne